Leather Comfort Insole

Leather comfort insole provides all round support to keep your feet pain free and comfortable.
Shock Absorbing
Adapts to Foot Shape
Neautralises Foot Odour

Product Information

Product Information

Leather Comfort Insole prevents flat and tired feet. The foot support consists of a longitudinal arch support, a metatarsal pad and a heel cushion and supports the foot in its natural movement . All of this helps to prevent symptoms of fatigue and makes your feet stay healthy and pain free. The shock absorbing cushion of the foot support provides your feet with great comfort even when standing or walking on hard grounds. The Orthofix foot support, made of finest sheepskin, optimally adapts to the shape of your foot, provides a perfect shoe climate and absorbs the moisture of the feet. The highly effective filter made of activated carbon neutralises foot odours. Leather: Natural lamb and sheep skin leather + Latex: Synthetic latex

Suitable for

  • Tired Feet
  • Fallen Arches
  • Odour Control

How to Use

We recommend ensuring the inside of your shoe is clear of any odours and dirt before using.

Simply take the insole out of the packet and place one into each shoe making sure you place the right in right and left in left.

Adjust the insole and make sure it is aligned in the correct place in your shoe.

Use regularly to allow it to give you the best result.

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