Premium Shoe Cream - Tan

A premium all-in-one polishing shoe cream to condition, nourish and protect fine leather footwear and accessories.
Refreshes Colour
Contains Natural Waxes & Oils

Product Information

Product Information

A premium all-in-one polishing shoe cream that conditions, nourishes and protects your fine leather footwear. Highly pigmented, it refreshes the colour of leather and polishes to a long lasting shine. Contains natural waxes and oils that helps maintain the flexibility of leather. For ultimate protection against oil and water based stains, finish with Waproo’s Platinum Eco or Rapid Dry Stain + Water Repellent. Ideal for use on all grained and smooth leather.

Suitable for

  • Footwear

How to Use

If the footwear is soiled, it is advised to remove this with a brush or damp cloth before use.

Allow the footwear to dry before continuing.

Apply the cream to the footwear by using the Waproo Polishing Cloth.

Wrap the cloth around the middle and index fingers and use circular motions to apply the cream, working it into all areas.

Allow the cream to dry for a few minutes before buffing to a shine with a Waproo brush or a clean cloth.

Repeat periodically to retain luster and finish.

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